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About BBSA

The Black Business Students' Association (BBSA), founded in 2020 at the Ted Rogers School of Management (TRSM), is made up of strong, motivated, and inspired student leaders that lead Toronto Metropolitan University's Black youth (TMU). At BBSA, we provide students with the necessary tools to become the future change-makers through organizing events and initiatives around community engagement, professional development, and academic excellence.


The purpose of The BBSA is to connect our members with companies who recognize the value of the demographic, data and initiatives that the BBSA can provide. We look forward to forging partnerships and relationships that translate into the future.


We hope to change the landscape of the corporate world by shedding light on & breaking down systemic barriers that are evident till this day. We are committed to creating an ecosystem that fosters successful and inspirational leaders.


Creating opportunities for black students to take control and make change wherever they go


Creating a platform for black students to share their experiences with others to push for an equitable, inclusive, and diverse space


Equipping black students with the fundamental and additional skills/opportunities required to be successful

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